RX 20 Electric Forklift - GLC Forklift Philippines
The STILL RX 20 offers more of everything: more power, more dynamism and more availability.
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RX 20 Electric Forklift


  • Highest handling performance of its class
  • Highest range with one battery charge
  • Best all-round visibility for high work safety
  • High agility and precise manoeuvrability


RX 20

The STILL RX 20 offers more of everything: more power, more dynamism and more availability. The latest generation of STILL’s top-selling electric forklift truck is the best RX 20 that STILL ever developed. There is the new safety and communication centre for safety and handling performance (STILL Easy Control): The driver can activate performance functions depending on the application and receives all important safety information at a glance. With the safest and quickest battery change and the largest Li-Ion battery capacity of its class, the RX 20 can be used around the clock. Dynamic acceleration, 20 km/h maximum speed, precise manoeuvrability – with these trademark features, the RX 20 achieves the highest ever handling performance in the load range from 1.4 to 2 tonnes.

When it comes to narrow aisle widths in heavy-duty two- or three-shift applications, the RX 20 really shows its strengths. This includes beverages and hardware stores, the receipt and dispatch of goods in trade and logistics applications, or production supply in the mechanical engineering and automotive industries. Equipped with Li-Ion technology, the RX 20 Li-Ion is number one for availability. Just 30 minutes of charging extend the usage time by several operating hours. The compact electric forklift truck gets its energy from Li-Ion batteries which are suitable for cold storage. When in operation, an intelligent electronics system monitors every battery cell in real time. Safety, performance and availability are what make the RX 20 Li-Ion a uniquely efficient conveyor of goods.



  • Strong performance: lifts up to 2 tonnes with a load centre of 500 mm
  • Effective movement of goods: driving speed of up to 20 km/h, dynamic driving behaviour and high lifting speeds
  • Performance Boost at the push of a button: Sprint mode for managing peak loads with the highest handling performance on the market
  • Consistently powerful: largest Li-Ion battery capacity and fast lateral battery change
  • Always available: optional Li-Ion technology enables use around the clock through short interim charging



  • Adjustable driving modes: maximum handling performance or best efficiency
  • Adaptable driving behaviour: individual adjustment of driving speed, accelerating and lifting behaviour
  • Precise load handling: sensitive control of the lifting speed through state-of-the-art hydraulics operation
  • More handling performance when stacking onto high shelves: Mast vertical position at the push of a button



  • Comfortable sense of space: spacious driver’s cab with large footwell and ample storage space
  • Choose from a range of individual control options: multi-lever, minilever or Joystick 4Plus
  • Easy reversing: handle on the rear bar
  • Silent operation: exceptionally quiet lifting and lowering of the forks



  • Powerful in the narrowest of spaces: compact truck dimensions and tremendous manoeuvrability
  • Outstanding manoeuvrability: combination axle for four-wheel trucks enables the smallest turning radius of its class
  • Low passage heights of less than 2 metres also optionally available even for wagon loading



  • Perfect all-round visibility: narrow mast and large windows on all sides
  • Outstanding driving stability: automatic speed adjustment when cornering with the Curve Speed Control assistance function
  • Safety through intelligence: The display and control units monitor and control all safety and performance functions


Environmental Responsibility

  • Low energy consumption: high output efficiency through modern drive technology
  • Energy conservation at the push of a button: Blue-Q efficiency mode cuts energy consumption by up to 20 %
  • Environmental protection in practice: over 98 % of all installed materials are recyclable